Connecting Global Brands with Mobile Carriers

Our tailor-made solutions enable you to reach a new audience and connect your premium brand to leading mobile carriers

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Connecting Global Brands with Mobile Carriers

Our tailor-made solutions enable you to reach a new audience and connect your premium brand to leading mobile carriers

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We help you monetize new customers without marketing investment

First Screen not only supports you with a billing connection that is as frictionless as possible; we actually unlock mobile carrier billing by optimizing each phase of the customer lifecycle, localizing your product and providing local customer support.

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Why Carrier billing

Connect you to the best mobile carriers

First Screen has long-standing relationships with over 100+ mobile carriers around the globe. We select the best matching carriers for your needs so that you can achieve the highest ROI for your brand.

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Why Carrier billing

Operational support

While mobile carrier billing as a concept is relatively straight forward, national regulations and requirements from individual carriers can make mobile carrier billing rather complicated. First Screen provides you with dedicated local customer support in all of our markets. Ensuring you can focus on your brand while we ensure your customers are getting the best experience in their local language.

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Why Carrier billing

Integrate frictionless and secure payment solutions

We make sure your customers can pay fast, simple and seamless to maximise your sales. Our platform is using the latest technology to keep your data safe and secure.

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Why Carrier billing

Invest in marketing of your brand

We invest in marketing to attract new customers by generating awareness, consideration and purchase. We use in-depth, real-time data insights to track and optimize our campaigns to increase your revenue.

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How we work

Grow and give your customers an easy way to pay for your product with their mobile phone

  • Identify

    Together we will identify your target markets

  • Connect

    Connect your product with our simple to use payment API

  • Influence

    Influence and optimize every phase of the customer lifecycle

  • Create insights

    Identify, target and attract high-value customers and turn them into first-time paying customers

  • Optimize

    Drive real and sustainable revenue growth


Premium brands deliver premium revenues

We currently bring mobile carrier billing to these brands.

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eSports Revolution

The award-winning e-sports service offers you live broadcasts of the biggest eSport tournaments and shows in the world.


At Hopster entertainment and education go hand in hand. Its content helps develop little ones’ literacy, numeracy and encourage exploring the world around them.

Footballers Lives

Footballers Lives allows you to follow the world’s most famous players behind the scenes. Packed with unseen interviews and video exclusives.

McAfee LiveSafe

McAfee LiveSafe is award-winning antivirus protection that defends against viruses, online threats, and ransomware with online and offline protection.

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First Screen’s mission is to help premium brands unlock the value of mobile carrier billing

Our company was founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurs who saw a great potential in supporting mobile carriers to monetize carrier billing. We are now acting on a global scale with multiple offices worldwide and a great international team of digital experts.

Nowadays First Screen works hand in hand with more than 100 mobile carriers worldwide to create solutions focused on improving the complete mobile customer journey: from awareness to purchase.

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